Shiren the Wanderer: The Mystery of Serpentcoil Island

Shiren the Wanderer and his companion, Koppa the talking ferret, return for an all-new roguelike
dungeon crawling adventure on Serpentcoil Island!

After receiving a vision of a mysterious girl held captive by a terrible monster, Shiren and Koppa
make their way to Serpentcoil Island—a distant isle rumored to be the lost stronghold of treasure-hoarding pirates. Determined to rescue the girl and find the treasure, the two race into danger…
only to be soundly defeated, like all the others who tried before. Undeterred, Shiren and Koppa
vow to challenge the monster again in order to save the mysterious girl.

To brave the many dangers that await them, Shiren and Koppa must traverse complex dungeons
filled with hostile monsters, hidden traps, and useful items. All the gear and experience Shiren
accumulates will be lost if he collapses during exploration, so beware of rushing in unprepared!
Rescue the mysterious girl and uncover the mystery that clouds Serpentcoil Island!


Release Date: 02/27/2024
Publisher: Spike Chunsoft
System: Switch
Genre: Roguelike RPG

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