Psycho-Pass Season 3

After the initial announcement of Psycho-Pass Season 3 and its promotional video back in March, fans have been eagerly waiting for a release date and its official trailer. Since the initial promotional video didn’t show any actual scenes from the anime, it left a lot to be desired in terms of what to expect from the new season. However, since then the release date for the third season has been confirmed for October 24th, 2019 and the official trailer has been revealed.

The trailer and key visual for Psycho-Pass Season 3 show a lot of new faces and not a whole lot of familiar faces. I’m really hoping that Kogami and Akane have prominent roles though because Psycho-Pass would simply not be the same without both of them. If the key visual is any indication, things don’t bode well as it seems like Shimotsuki Mika, not Akane, is the girl in the center. If you remember anything from Season 2, you probably remember how annoying of a character Mika was.

Who knows? Maybe they’re just trying to psych us out by barely showing any of the original cast in both the trailer and key visual. I hate to discredit them for trying to do something new but I’d be lying if I said the trailer didn’t kill some of the hype for me. Either way, I’m excited for the premiere of Season 3 and eager to see what direction they decide to go in for the story. Will we finally reach a resolution after so much build-up and plot development?