Who is Weta Workshop?

So this article is going to be a bit different from most of our other pieces. I came across Weta Workshop when I was shopping around for merchandise from The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance and was completely blown away by the level of quality and detail of their work.

Described as a special effects and props company based Miramar, New Zealand, Weta Workshop is responsible for producing many of the effects for blockbuster films and television series such as The Lord of the Rings trilogy and more recently, Blade Runner 2049 and Alita: Battle Angel.

On top of producing special effects, Weta Workshop is also prominent in the production of film props such as costumes, armour, weapons, and creatures, which they had most notably done for The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Take a look at their shop and you’ll find a vast array of different product types including figures, replica weapons, prop replicas, costume replicas, jewelry, and much, much more from a variety of films, games, and TV series.

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

Now, going back to how I found Weta Workshop in the first place. As a fan of the original 1982 fantasy adventure film, The Dark Crystal, I have of course been watching the heck out of the prequel television series on Netflix, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with The Dark Crystal, do yourself a favor and give it a watch. Interestingly, all the characters in the film were acted out using a method called puppet animation, where characters are puppeteered and performed by the actors in order to achieve more human-like qualities and movements.

The original Dark Crystal film is hailed as one of the most iconic fantasy adventure films of its time. So if you’re a fan of fantasy, especially something of the darker variety, I would definitely recommend checking out The Dark Crystal. While having watched the original film isn’t necessary for the new Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance series, it will offer some connections here and there that you might miss otherwise. But, definitely not a game changer by any means.

Weta Workshop and The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

Now, having heard how big of a fan of The Dark Crystal I am, you can imagine my excitement when I saw that Weta Workshop had announced a brand new line of figures and merchandise just for The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. In the video below, Weta Workshop takes you on a journey through the crafting process of the figures, each of which are superbly and masterfully crafted with an impeccable level of detail.

As of now, Weta Workshop has made the following figures and merchandise available for pre-order. As you can probably tell by the video and photos, every single one of these items are nothing short of spectacular.

SkekSo – The Emperor Skeksis
The Dark Crystal Necklace
Essence Vial
Rian the Gelfling
Baffi the Fizzgig
Hup the Podling

Unfortunately, it appears that the SkekSo figure has already been sold out at the time that this article had been written. Regardless, all the other items are currently still available and definitely worth grabbing if you’re a fan of The Dark Crystal or even if you just like their designs. I for one have already put in my pre-order for the Dark Crystal Necklace which I’ll be unboxing and reviewing when it comes in.

So definitely check out Weta Workshop and take a moment to appreciate their amazing craftsmanship by browsing through all of their different products from your favorite films, games, and TV series. You can also find their shop and social media links below so give them a follow!