Kyberlight Lightsaber

At some point or another, every Star Wars fan has dreamed of owning their very own lightsaber. Kyberlight is one of the most well-known and popular lightsaber companies in the industry. Their slogan, “The Greatest Custom Lightsaber in the Galaxy”, is a pretty bold claim to say the least. So in this review, we’ll be exploring the Kyberlight Lightsaber to see whether or not it lives up to the hype. We’ll be using the Custom Lightsaber Master Pack, which you can find here.

First Impression

Starting off with a quick unboxing, we can see that everything is very neatly and securely packaged into the box. The box itself looks nice and you can tell that the company values the quality of presentation when it comes to shipping their products.

Now let’s take a look one by one at the different items we get inside the box.

1 Kyberlight lightsaber
4 Top pieces
4 Pommel pieces
3 Sleeves
1 Dual saber staff connector
Mini allen key

The hilt and blade of the saber come pre-attached so you don’t have to put them together yourself. Right off the bat, just based on how many different pieces and parts there are, you can tell that this is a highly customizable lightsaber. As you may have noticed, the customizable pieces come in different shapes and sizes, they look cool and have a lot of detail so you can play around with it, test out different combinations, and see what fits your style.

The Lightsaber

Now, it’s time to get into the lightsaber itself. The hilt of the lightsaber is actually quite heavy and a bit longer than I expected, giving it an authentic feel that makes it seem like you’re using a real-life lightsaber. We tried out several combinations using different pieces to customize the saber, and they’ve all turned out looking great.

Lighting and Colors
The color and brightness quality of the saber is top-notch. With 20 different LED colors, you can switch between Jedi and Sith at will. Although, it does look like some colors stand out more than others, namely the main colors: red, blue, and green. There are some colors that are a bit lacking in terms of LED brightness and intensity when compared to the primary colors. It also seems like the brightness of the LED fades off a bit as the light gets farther away from the hilt, which I’m pretty sure is normal for any lightsaber. If you light it up in the dark, it looks absolutely amazing.

Sound Effects
You can’t have a proper lightsaber without sound effects, now can you? The soundboard of the Kyberlight lightsaber comes equipped with 2 basic sound fonts. The first one is a little bit too loud in my opinion, but the second one, which is much lower sounding, is just perfect. There’s a motion activated sound effect when you wave the lightsaber. There’s also a clash sound effect with flash-on-clash lighting effects when you hit someone else’s lightsaber. These effects make for a much more dynamic and immersive experience.

The lightsaber itself is really easy to operate. Here are the functions:

Hold down the first button to turn it on
Hold down the second button to change between 2 lightsaber sound fonts
Click the second button to switch between 20 LED colors
Click the first button to mute the sound

Blade and Dueling
Another bold claim that Kyberlight makes is that the blade of the lightsaber is “virtually indestructible”. Of course, this is no doubt a bit of an exaggeration, but I’m pretty sure that was the point. Anyways, we wanted to put the blades to the test so we had a couple of intense lightsaber battles, just to see how much punishment they can take. Turns out, Kyberlight lightsabers are the real deal when it comes to dueling. We were going at it with all our strength and not once did it feel like the blade was going to take any damage whatsoever. So if you’re looking for a lightsaber that you can actually duel with and not have to worry about it breaking, Kyberlight is definitely one of the best.

Final Thoughts

All in all, I would say that the Kyberlight is a great lightsaber to own for any Star Wars fan or anyone who’d like to feel the thrill of having an epic lightsaber battle with their friends. If you’ve never owned a legit lightsaber before, Kyberlight is especially suitable for beginner saber owners. For this particular set, the cost is $299 USD, so it’s not exactly something you can just buy on a whim. Though with all the various customization options, built-in soundboard, and lighting and sound effects, the price doesn’t seem unreasonable to me at all. Seeing it in videos and photos is one thing, but after actually holding it in my hand, I can tell that the Kyberlight is definitely built with really high-quality materials. Not to mention that it looks super cool and just feels awesome.

Check out them out at and see for yourself!