Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward Collector’s Edition

So yes, I realize that this is nearly 5 years late. But after picking this up the other day, I felt like we just had to do an unboxing for this Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward Collector’s Edition because it is absolutely beautiful. As a big FFXIV player, I’ve always had a special affinity to Heavensward, whether it be music, characters, areas, or just Ishgard. You can watch the full unboxing video here:

What’s in the Box

The packaging for this collector’s edition was impressive to say the least. It comes with a special art box on the outside that acts as a cover for the collector’s box. The special art box is designed with art from Heavensward and just looks gorgeous. The collector’s box is made with very high-quality material, making it much more durable and premium-feeling than your standard box. Now, let’s take a look at what we get when we open the box:

Game Case with Full Game
Eorzea in Motion – A Realm Revisited (Blu-ray)
In-Game Content: Baron Helm, Griffin Mount, Wind-Up Kain
The Art of Eorzea – Heavensward Artbook
Expertly Crafted Dragon Mount Figure

The Art of Eorzea – Heavensward Artbook

Everything about this artbook was just so beautiful, from the cover to the contents of the book. The Art of Eorzea – Heavensward Artbook comes with a high-quality hardcover with a great design that gives it an elegant look. In fact, this artbook was so good that we decided to make a dedicated video showcasing the artbook in its entirety. You can watch the full artbook video here:

Expertly Crafted Dragon Mount Figure

Now for the highlight of this collector’s edition, the Expertly Crafted Dragon Mount figure. I always knew that Final Fantasy XIV did a great job with its figures, but this confirmed it. Although the figure itself was much smaller than I expected it to be, it didn’t disappoint in the slightest in terms of quality and detail. As indicated by the name, this figure truly was expertly crafted and sculpted to the highest standards. Not only does the figure look amazing, the stand it comes with also has a premium look and feel to it.


After seeing with my own eyes how absolutely gorgeous this collector’s edition is, I’m going to do everything I can to get my hands on as many Final Fantasy XIV figures and collector’s editions as possible. Then, I’m sure we’ll be able to bring you even more unboxing and review videos for cool FFXIV merchandise.

Overall, I’m extremely happy with the Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward Collector’s Edition and frankly, I was just blown away by how beautiful, detailed, and high-quality everything was. You can really tell that they put a lot of effort into making the collector’s edition as good as possible.