The Last Of Us Part II Ellie Edition

At long last, after years of anticipation, The Last of Us Part II is finally out, and with it comes the Ellie Edition which is the highest level limited edition for this game. Now I might be getting ahead of myself here but I am so excited to share this with you that I just can’t start without saying that this is without a doubt the BEST collector’s edition I have ever gotten, and you’re about to find out why.

If you haven’t gotten the game yet, I HIGHLY recommend grabbing it and giving it a playthrough.
Standard Edition
Special Edition
Collector’s Edition
Ellie Edition
PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB Limited Edition
Playstation Gold Wireless Headset
DualShock4 Wireless Controller

What’s in the Box

First off, the main package comes with an extra gift: a small fabric bag that shows the logo of The Last of Us on one side and on the other, we have the butterfly tattoo that Ellie has on one of her arms.

Looking at the Ellie Edition box, the design is pretty simple. It comes in an all-black matte and shows the logo of The Last of Us in white and again, Ellie’s butterfly tattoo in a glossy black on the front, top, and sides, and on the back, it shows the contents of the box.

Right after opening the box, we see that everything is separated into very organized partitions.

On the top, the first thing you’ll get is a 48 page mini art book from Dark Horse that shows the usual things like landscapes from the game, character design and more. You also get the game which comes with 2 CDs: one to install the content and one for play, all inside of a beautiful collectible steelbook that shows Ellie and Abby in a painting-style artwork.

Also inside the steelbook, there are codes to download:

The digital mini artbook
The soundtrack
6 PSN Avatars
A dynamic theme
And all applicable pre-order bonuses

We also get a lithograph with a thank you letter from the director of the game, Neil Druckman.

In the next top section we get: a set of 6 enamel pins that look really nice, 5 logo stickers, and a replica of Ellie’s bracelet that cosplayers will love, along with a full size recreation of Ellie’s backpack which is extremely well done and is made of high quality materials. It has 4 compartments in total: a small one on top, two on the sides, and of course the main compartment. It also comes with 2 additional enamel pins.

Next, we have an embroidered patch of The Last of Us logo and a 7” vinyl record with the original music of the game.

Ellie Statue

And lastly, as always with any collector’s edition, we have the Ellie statue. This statue is 12” tall, is extremely well done and has the best design that I’ve ever seen on any collector’s edition statue. It’s made with hard plastic materials like the Jill and Leon statues from the Resident Evil collector’s editions, and has an unbelievable level of detail.

You can see the logo of The Last of Us on the base and what more I can say – every inch of this statue screams quality from the guitar, the plants, the clothes, the expression on Ellie’s face…I mean, even the freaking shoes look amazing. Needless to say, I’m incredibly happy with The Last of Us Part II Ellie Edition and I can’t wait to play the game!